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Wesley Chapel

By Matt Wiley The fall is the time of year when the influenza virus hits more people and it’s important to get your annual immunization to help combat the sometimes-deadly “flu bug.” Luckily for more than 100 Seven Oaks Elementary students, instead of the traditional flu shot, they received their immunization in a completely different […]

By Gary Nager If you’ve never been (or if it’s been a while since you’ve been) to City Grill — located in the Village Market plaza at the corner of S.R. 54 and Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. — you’ve been missing out on not only some great food but also on Wesley Chapel’s top […]

By Celeste McLaughlin If you thought you had to comb the internet to get the absolute lowest price on vitamins, supplements, herbs and natural cosmetics, you’ve missed out on a nearby New Tampa neighborhood store that offers not only the best prices, but also a highly educated staff to answer all of your questions about […]

By Amy Gutierrez For many, getting into the world of competing in triathlons can be a little intimidating. But, have you ever stopped to think that all triathletes once were novices who decided to better their overall health and compete without ever having participated in a race before? Everyone starts somewhere! On any given day […]

By Kelly Miller As millions of Americans know too well, smoking is an extremely difficult addiction to kick. There are plenty of useful products on the market to help smokers quit, like Nicorette gum, nicotine patches and even hypnosis.

By Matt Wiley After more than a year of prepping the old clock store at 6401 N. Florida Ave. in Seminole Heights, Wesley Chapel residents Ryan Dowdle and Shane Mozur say that they are stoked to finally have the doors open and the beer pouring. 

By Matt Wiley The Grove shopping plaza in Wesley Chapel (located off Oakley Blvd.) is about to get really busy, with the holiday shopping season about to kick into high gear. With several big box retailers, the plaza is a hot spot for shopping in our area. But, what if what you see isn’t all […]

By Matt Wiley Although rattlesnakes are often perceived as a desert menace, they’re actually quite common in our area and it’s important to keep an eye out for them (and other venomous animals), or it could result in a painful bite and even a stay at a local hospital.

By Matt Wiley The 2014 Midterm General Election is a wrap and the votes are in: Yes on Scott, No on pot. Plus, several local candidates have been elected to represent the Wesley Chapel area in our county and state governments.


November 19, 2014

Attention New Tampa & Wesley Chapel drivers, if you’re planning on using the S.R. 56 exit from northbound I-275 tonight, you might want to consider another route.